We got the High Environmental Value Certificate

The Bruno Hertz farm has just obtained the High Environmental Value certificate : HVE certificate

The benefits of High Environmental Value farming

The “High Environmental Value” logo (HVE) is the mark of agroecology for all territories and all agricultural productions.

At the end of the certification process, the “High Environmental Value” label certifies areas and farms that :

  • Encourage biodiversity in order to provide a complementary network for crops
  • Preserve the life of the soil in order to maintain the life and fertility of the plots
  • Develop positive synergies with the natural environment of crops
  • Promote the development of useful fauna, including precious pollinators

Thanks to these agroecological practices, “High Environmental Value” farms naturally develop a low dependence on inputs, opening up the promising prospects of a more autonomous agriculture with regard to fertilisers, irrigation and treatment products.

The “High Environmental Value” logo (HVE) attests to the environmental excellence of estates and farms that place nature and agronomy at the centre of agricultural activity.

The key words of the High Environmental Value :

  • Biodiversity
  • Natural interactions
  • Living soils
  • Plant engineering
  • Dynamic agronomy
  • Independence from inputs

Link to more information: https://www.lesvinshertz.com/data/uploads/2020/07/Certificat-HVE.pdf


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